Cleaning Works: Information and advertorial

Back to the heart of the cleaning profession. With quality inspections cleaning for the facility industry. Nice profession, nice activity. Upon arrival at the building in the hall and reception the first impressions are already gained. Also regarding the receptionists. It makes a difference for the receptionists in the reception if I appear in a tight suit or in jeans with a sports jacket without a tie.

This measurement is taken within eight seconds. Is he important or not? I had also my first impressions and I try to prevent to judge. However to judge is just my job here. It is the first impression any visitor will be aware of. The employees of an organization just see everyday the same and are undoubtedly ‘company’ blind when it comes to the quality of the cleaning, the facilities and the warmth of the reception that first impression brings. Management and other key employees receive of course a ‘corporate ‘ cordial greeting from the receptionists. It’s all about people.

After explaining my mission and after issuing of a copy of an ID and business card I go to the top floor and then to work. The staff of the offices that I enter, I ask permission for my brief inspection. Frequently my request is followed with the announcement that it is appreciated. Off course also suggestions and experiences on the cleaning performance, with an indication of experience as a result. I take notes and use the voice recorder of the Iphone and finish my reports in my office. VSR-like controls? Sure, if the client wants to see many figures, tables and statistics.

Cleaning Works seeks to find more insight into the back of the cleaning service, particularly the local organization and logistics. With a clear picture of the quality of the cleaning as a result. We provide content for discussion with the cleaning company. The report consists of two documents: The first is a summary of the findings about the cleaning service, a score for each feature space group, a summary of any defects and or method errors. The second document contains the findings on the experience of the cleaning, a vision of the local organization and staffing of the cleaning company and recommendations for the internal organization.

Distinctiveness is described as follows:

1. Cleaning Works is an independent consultancy and is not hampered by obligations to the cleaning industry.

2. Cleaning Works provides inspections quality cleaning assessed with knowledge gained in over thirty years experience in the cleaning performance.

3. Cleaning Works reports on the quality of the organization of the cleaning on site.

4. Reporting on the ‘customer’ experience of cleaning.

5. Reporting from Raat-Borgholz Analysis (logistics management, materials, machinery, cabinets and work space emergence) of the cleaning on site.

6. Advice on health issues arising from the cleaning.

7. Agreements for quality inspections on demand, monthly, quarterly and annually.

8. Cost: on demand at: € 325.00 (buildings from 2.500 to 5.000 m2), € 490.00 (buildings from 5.000 to 10.000 m 2). Prices exclude VAT and travel reimbursement. Discount rate depending on the frequency.

Do you want to know more about our activities, please contact Hans Westerveld at + 31 6 55 771 777 or by email:

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