Cleaning Works

Cleaning Works advises organizations on facility issues. Cleaning Works advises on new – and renovation projects with regard to cleaning-related topics. Cleaning Works participates in cleaning innovation.

  1. Analyses about the organization of professional cleaning both nationally and internationally.
  2. Advice regarding the design, layout, ICT and logistics of various function spaces.
  3. Quality Inspections of the cleaning in various industries and airports
  4. Analysis of the organization of the cleaning on site


Cleaning Works is a consultancy for cleaning business. The opinions and activities include quality inspection cleaning, advice cleaning program, cleaning costing, advice cleaning healthcare, advice cleaning innovation, advice, professional cleaning, advice cleaning plumbing, advice dryers, directed scan cleaning, consulting production cleaner per hour, advice tendering cleaning, advice hourly cleaning, analysis and advice on site cleaning organizations and cleaning ICT innovation.

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Cleaning Works facility is an independent consulting company that is not hampered by commitments in the cleaning industry. We provide quality inspections of the cleaning results with evaluation of the logistics process. We specialize in analyzing the organization of the cleaning on site. Prelude to excellent results.

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